Lake City (Bella Vista) Lahore

Lake City is situated on Raiwind Road in Lahore. Raiwind Road is a place where there were only farm houses or factories earlier but soon some universities buy space over there and some shifted. A trend of housing societies developed over there in which many companies launch their project. Out of those projects one is Lake City which they start as urban cum farm house style of living. Get formal information with the prices of plots and houses click here.

Lake city main entrance

In Lake City they planned to make artificial lake all around the housing society and that’s why they name it as Lake City. Lake and Golf Course were two basic attractions for this housing society but after so much time they still didn’t provide any of these two attractions. There ain’t any lake nor golf course, however there are some signs which shows that a golf course is planned over here. I think this is the reason that Lake City has not been such a success. If you don’t deliver what you promise then people won’t trust on you.

When they launch the project and publicize all over Lahore, it seems to be a huge project. I still remember the billboard they place on main liberty square, Lahore. How beautifully they portrait the future view of Lake City. But now future is here and there is not anything like on that billboard. I’ve been there last Sunday and seen the quite place, it seems that no one lives over there.

If they have sold the earlier plots or houses in start doesn’t mean that they gonna sell whole of their society. They still have many space available in Phase-I and Phase-II to sell, what to do with next phases. There is also a community of Eden Life Style Homes in Lake City but I experience no people, no life.

If you want to sell the project and if you want to make it successful then you have to fulfill your promises. Put in some money and give the facilities and services you promise and then see where it goes. Focus on providing facilities to people rather publicizing again on newspaper.

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