More Worries For Sector-F Files Holders Bahria Town Lahore

Hello, valuable readers  today I am covering a bad rumor about sector -F Bahria Town lahore that is the pending land acquisition  of Sector-F including phase 1 (underground plots i.e Sheikh saadi , Abu Bakar  and Alamagir) and entire phase II of sector-F purchased by the New Lahore City Housing Society. You can see the massive advertisement of Premium Enclave which is new block of  New Lahore City nowadays. New Lahore city will launch this above noted block on Sector-F location. If this rumor will go right situation will be more miserable for victim of sector-F files holders.

Rates of sector-F files of underground plots and phase II files are going terribly low due to this rumor and second issue is Bahria Town  has demanding the pending installments and giving notices to Sector-F files holders. People who are already disturbed purchased these files in boom period , No ballot of phase II, underground plots of phase 1 , rumor and moreover demanding the all installments. All these issues made huge disappointment and increases the worries of sector-F files holders. They are also scared of cancellation because we have seen recently Bahria Town cancelled files in Karachi and restore files after heavy restoration fees.  So numerous files of sector-F for sale in market and rare purchaser, at this time sector-F 10 marla file purchasing rate is 190,000 minus ( maximum minus since project has launched). On the other side if we see the sector- F plots which are fully developed like Ghaznavi, Sikanadar, Shershah, and Tipu block rates of these blocks are increasing day by day. From last two months 3 to 5 lac added on these blocks, minimum plot in sector-F developed plot at the price of 40 lac and  maximum price is 52 lac. Those purchased in Ghaznavi or at the time of ballot plots given in above noted blocks enjoying profit.

Bahria town delivered till Sector-E and investors and bahria town both were in win -win situation, So Bahria Town shouldn’t betray  the  investors and give proper attention to these issues instead of entirely focusing on Bahria Town Karachi.

Well, Bahria town should seriously consider about this rumor , and shouldn’t pressurise regarding pending instalments, Those invested in bahria town Lahore already disappointed, and these issues are seriously harming the Bahria town image. Well, today one of reader of property blog called me and told me he had converse with Mr. Khurram Rajput ( G.M Sales of Bahria Town Lahore) according to Mr Khurram we have purchased 75% pending land of sector-F and plots will start develop on this September. Well, I can only wish this should happen as said , well hope for the best.

In the end I would suggest the victim of sector-F file holders must raise their voice and account their protest through emails, telephone, and whatever the medium they want to use. They must pressurize Bahria town’s management regarding sector -F issues.

Well, your valuable comments are always welcome, if some one has queries and doubts regarding bahria town project feel free to post your comments , I will answer you through comments box . Moreover you can also contact me without any hesitation.

Usman bin Khalid   0301-4442226


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  1. Farhan khan

    Wht the matter of this Aziz bhatti block. I want to sell my plot in aziz bhatti block in good amount..i want to buy a house bcz i hv no money only that plot..

    1. Mohammed

      Dear Farhan,

      Please send message on +973 33888906 in order to join whatsapp group of sector-F affectees. Till now hundreds of people have got plots through this whatsapp group by putting pressure on Bahria town through multiple protests etc.

      Don’t sell your file, because any dealer will buy it from you (let’s say 32 lacs for 10 marla) and will allocate plot number from Bahria and then he will sell it at 60 lacs. So, I suggest to join this group because still some people in this group are doing follow-up with Bahria to get plots for their files, they will also include your file in that list.

      1. Farhan khan

        Thnx ti information

      2. Farhan khan

        Thanks to information

  2. Tahir latif

    Pl also add me in secor f affectee group my cell / whap no is 03005364192

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  4. Muhammad Afzal

    Please add me in Your Whatsapp Group 03428468040 I have paid all amount but not yet bolting and did give me any plot number.

    again I request please add me in group bcoz I will be updated regarding Sector F


  5. Waheed

    Bahria people are really crazy.
    Now they want to earn more money from affecty people

  6. sana

    im also the victim of F block yes we should raise voice of this matter..v want our plot on same block ..

  7. Sector F Victim

    Next protest is planned tomorrow 04 May at bahria orchard office. Time is 10:30 am. Remember, without raising voices, you won’t get anything. More voices, more pressure on BT Management,higher chance to get your due right. So everybody, pls join this protest otherwise keep complaining on such forums and get nothing.

  8. Saud

    I want to join the protest pl add me in the group 03008440180

  9. Imran

    Dear all victims please join the group with below link on whatsapp

  10. Imran

    We required more victims to put pressure together on them
    My mobile no. is 03334814034

    1. Ch. Arshad Ali

      I am also a victim of sector F Aziz bhatti block bahria town lahore. I am a 10 marla File Holder
      Of corner plot No 89.
      Phone no. 03006540067
      Ch. Arshad Ali

      1. Abdul Samad

        I Abdul Samad also victim of sector F, Aziz bhatti block Bajria town Lahore, 1-knal.
        cell No.03004113718

  11. Omer

    Please join whatsapp group for Sector F Victims and share with others to join.

    1. Afzal

      03428468040 please me in whatsapp group

  12. Omer

    Is there any whatsapp group for Sector F Victim

  13. Imran

    And may some fileholders will offer alternate plots in karachi instead of lahore
    Crazy thinking by bahria town bull shitt

  14. Imran

    I came to know that may be sector f file holders for aziz bhatti block will wait next year minimum

  15. Nabeel Mukhtar

    Add my number in watsapp group. I am also victim of sector f

  16. Muhammad Salman

    If there is any group about sector F block sheikh sadi block , I am one of the victim as well , already paid full amount , always given hope will be starting very soon , do add me in group me my numb is 004475943332920



    1. shabbir

      Still there is no update. Please join the whatsapp group of sector-F victims, and send whatsapp message to +97333888906 (Ashfaq)

  18. Abbas

    usman bhai i am in italy main ny to apni zidagi ki sari jama punji sy sector f main apni wife k naam plot lia tha aur abhi baloting main aziz bhati block main nikal dya hay plot koi position nahi koi kuch nahi please agar ap as brother kuch guide kar sakain to ap ka shukria bhai if you have any conact number please just give me a miss call on my cell 00393271887498 whats app viber imo facetime b isi number par chal raha hy

  19. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

    All affectees of Sector-F Lahore should continue email, calls to bahria addresses, and visit orchard office to ask about their property future. No one cant do for other victim member. You all have to do by own capacity

  20. aisha faisal

    I also hv a 10 marla plot in aziz bhatti property dealer told me a month back few ppl protested at malik riaz’s residence and somehow they have been adjusted with on ground plots of sector F..we also can protest if all agreed we can decide a day mutually to protest..thanks

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid (Post author)

      YES he has give you right information, They adjusted some sector-F affectees in Nargis block extension

    2. ajmal akhtar

      i also want to join the protest if time and date is decided. i will request the serious members to put their comments and make a group through this blog, even a small group.

      best regards and best of luck

  21. javaid iqbal

    plz addme also in yr grp


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