Lahore Ring Road In Bahria Town Lahore Update

So, it’s final. Lahore Ring Road is coming in Bahria Town and it is coming as per old map; nothings changed.

You can see map on this link.

Moreover you can get the information about your plot from Bahria Town office.

Bahria Town Is Paying Good:

What Govt. is paying for per marla price is very low. One reason is that area is not approved as a housing society. So in Govt. papers these lands are still an agricultural land. That why Govt. is paying accordingly.

Bahria Town management is though paying as per market price. Right now they have started paying the houses. 25% of the house payment is given to householders. Remaining will be given at the time of possession and it’s time is till 11th of November, 2016.

Bahria Town is paying Rs. 8.5 million to Rs. 9 million for a 5 Marla house.

When To Evacuate:

Bahria Town has given the last date for householders as November 11, 2016. This is the date, they have to evacuate the house and give keys to Bahria Town management. Bahria Town will certainly pay them full price of house at the time of evacuation.

People are happy because of the prices they are getting.

When To Start SL3:

SL3 stands for Southern Loop 3 of Ring Road. This is the part which has to pass through the Bahria Town. SL1 and SL2 construction started on 14-Aug-2016 and it’s completion time is 1 year. Though FWO is planning to complete the project far before it’s deadline. Afterwards SL3 development will start which is expected in June next year.

Who Will Construct SL3:

Southern Loop 1 & 2 of Ring Road Lahore is given to FWO, however SL3 will be constructed by Ring Road Department itself. Ring Road department has also set up person on duty in Bahria Town Lahore. They are sitting in Tulip Extension block to guide people about Ring Road updates.

What Will Happen After Ring Road:

Well everyone will predict that it is a good thing for Bahria Town Lahore. The only negative point about Bahria Town is the distance from city. After this Ring Road, this difference will be vanished, airport will be at 15 to 20 minutes drive. I’ve written in detail about the Effects of Lahore Ring Road in Bahria Town, you can read it by clicking here.


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    all maps of bahria town and bahria orchard here

  2. Nazim Hussain

    Abu Osaid Bhai pl apprise when new map of btk will b launched.thanks.

  3. Ali

    Is this green valley refund also until end of November ? Can we apply for refund after this date?is there any chance of balloting about green valley.

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Bahria is refunding money to each and every person. Bahria has closed this project and paying back.

  4. Muhammad Shoaib

    Dear Sir,
    My Plot in Ghaznavi Block Sector F in Bahria Town Lahore (10 Marla # 743). When we get the Possession to built House? All installment are paid and plot in on-Ground. Please tell.

    1. Usman-bin-Khalid

      I guess next year, Well you should submit the application for possession in Bahria Orchard Office.

  5. Nazim Hussain

    Obu Osaid Bhai thanks a lot u r always helpful

  6. Nazam Hussain

    Sir what about bahria greens project. Any update please

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      Bahria has given merging option. You can merge your Bahria Green file in any active project of Bahria Town Lahore and get your full payment back.

      Bahria has extend the merging date till 30th of November 2016

  7. Doctor

    Dear, Kindly also share detailed update of Sector-F specially Aziz Bhatti and Tariq Bin Ziyad blocks etc.

    1. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

      No news about Aziz Bhatti and Tariq Bin Zayed right now. But Talha block is almost on ground. I believe those would be develop too step by step

      1. Doctor

        Thanks brother. What are the plot prices currently in these blocks for 10M and 1K?

      2. Abu-Osaid (Post author)

        10 marla is around 40 to 50 lac

  8. Kamal Hassan

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    Muhammad Kamal Hassan Chohan


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